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Sustainable Sanitary Supply

​Investing in a girls education and health is fundamental as it boosts confidence, creates hope and foster economic growth. A study shows that 88% of girls in South African schools have no access to sanitary pads. 1 in 3 girls miss approximately 4 days of school a month. This is a great challenge in terms of hygiene and sanitation. For girls who are menstruating, these problems are compounded by the inability to afford sanitarypads and this lack of access means missing school to avoid discomfort and embarrassment. These young girls resort to either using strips of cloth, plants or old newspapers. Within South Africa, there are hundreds of thousands of girls facing this situation on a monthly basis and it is our goal at the Grey Foundation to provide a solution of sustainable change.

Our Goal

​At the Grey Foundation our mission is to create sustainability in every initiative embarked on.

As women we are bold, passionate and motivated and it is therefore our belief to start this drive of with that very same ambitiousness.​

Our goals is to successfully reach and sustainably supply 100 000 school going girls with a pack of pads each month for 10 years (or to the point of where they are self- sustainable and able to do so independently)


To achieve this goal a contribution of only R2500.00 will ensure that one girl will be sustainably provided a supply of sanitary pads every month for the next 10 years. This initiative in aimed at distributing this solution to a 100 000 young girls in more than 500 disadvantaged schools across South Africa. The objective is to empower young girls through the access of sanitary wear to reach their full potential.


As the South African proverb states “it takes a village to raise a child”, and this initiative will only be possible through community support, as WE together as individuals and businesses are able to effect the change in a young girls life positively. We require your contribution to help impact this change that will ultimately uplift and inspire OUR young women of today.


THE GREY FOUNDATION – School Girl Initiative


To contribute to this worthy cause and make a marked changed in a young girls life please contact The Grey Foundation or visit and follow the link to add your contribution. Cash donations qualify for a tax deduction.

​All relevant information regarding this will be supplied to the donors (Section 18A)

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